1-11-12, Wednesday

Yeah!  i got the Winter Garden Guide finished!  i hope that helps people who’d like another perspective on what could be expected from a winter garden.  Though i am no expert, i am still able to enjoy produce from my garden this time of year, with close to freezing temperatures.  Pretty cool!

I also started knitting a blanket yesterday.  It’s alot slower going that the scarf, but it’ll be so neat to have a blanket that i knitted after it’s done.  And right now with this frigid weather, i don’t really want to spend much time outside.

Today Kyla and i are going to have a memorial service.  It didn’t go well at the vet yesterday.  Hockey Puck had a really bad case of pnuemonia, from the pine chip bedding.  She could barely breath and they had to put her on oxygen just to properly check her out.  And they found a tumor on her left ovary.  We thought rats lived 3 years, but they said that Hockey Puck was geriatric, and even healthy would not live much longer than 2 years.  Since we have almost had her for 2 years, and she was in pain, we made the decision toput her to sleep.  It was really hard.  Hockey Puck has been a part of the family for a long time and she got along well with the other animals, i’m going to cry if i keep talking about it.

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