1-12-12, Thursday

Whew!  i have been a busy girl today.  After i got a little knitting done, i had to do laundry.  Tons and tons of laundy.  There was so much that i even had to hang some in the garage because there’s not enough room on the clothes line inside.

Anyways, i got my room clean!  it’s needed it badly.  And we finally got Kyla’s closet organized, and all of her clothes hung up.  i’ve just had normal household chores that had to get done, you know, the normal mundane home stuff: dishes, getting groceries, cleaning, fill up all the water jugs with the reverse-osmosis machine…

Also making some chicken jerky before we exchange this Excalibur for one with a timer one it.  i’ve been using one of those outlest timers, that turn on whatever is plugged into it at a certain time, then turn it of at a certain time.  It’s kind of a tedious annoyance, which i don’t want with something that costs so much.  If you’re going to spend the money to get top-of-the-line, make sure it’s exactly what you want.  But i figured i’d do a last batch in this one before the 30 day exchange time runs out.  Because i don’t know how long i’ll have to go without one.

i’m about to make weights out of a chain to put around the top of my cloches that act as mini greenhouses around the mesclun salad mix in the garden.  These are just big jugs that we got apple juice in.  i’ve cut off the bottom and put them over lettuce, orach, endive, and arugula plants in the salad garden.  It looks a little silly, having a section of the garden with plastic jugs standing in it, but  i’ve found that the plants with the jugs over them grow alot faster than the ones in the open.  However, they are so lightweight that the wind blows them over and i end up having jugs all over the garden.  So i’m thinking that if i can make little metal chains, like a bracelet around the tops of the jugs, the additional weight might make them more sturdy.  We’ll see!

Oh, and i started some alfalafa sprouts 2 days ago.  These are organic, non-Mosanto modified seeds.  i’ve never done alfalfa before, but i love the wheat grass sprouts.  Anywho, they are growing pretty quick, As they’re already over an inch tall.  Our sprout set up has 3 shelves about 2 inches high, a shelf at the top to put the water in, and a basin at the bottom to catch the water after it moves through each of the 3 shelves.  i empty the bottom and refill the top 3 times a day, and we always have fresh sprouts.

If you want something said, ask a man…if you want something done, ask a woman.- Margaret Thatcher

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