1-19-2012, Thursday

Well folks, as promised, the drinking game to enjoy the CNN Southern Republican Presidential Debate.  If the following words, phrases, or topics are spoken, follow the drinking directions:

South Carolina: 1 drink
Pork: Oink and take 1
NeoCon: Take 2
Economy: 1 drink
ObamaCare: Sob in your drink
unemployment rate at 10%- 1 drink
Bain Capital: 2 drinks
Fat Cats: wink at Mitt and take 2 drinks 
If Newt deeply offends a large majority of people: just take 1
Rick the Prick (referring to Santorum or  Perry): Say a toast, and down it
Mittens (referring to Romney): down your entire drink
Christain Conservatives: put down your drink and say “amen” or have 3 gulps on the  atheists
If any candidate calls another one a  hypocrite: laugh at their own  hypocracy, and take 2 drinks.
If Newt says “profoundly”: 3 drinks
If Ron Paul refers to the Constitution: Cheersies him, and have one for him
If Santorum talks about God: bow your head  and have 2 drinks
If Perry dodges a question: just take 1, otherwise we’d all be wasted by the end,
But if Perry actually drops out (blaming someone else of course), thus dodging all questions, down one on me.


Anyways, so besides all this political excitement, we are having a fun-filled day at the homestead.  It’s gorgeous out, so i’m definately going to play in my garden.  I just want to wait until the workers behind the house are gone.  There’s guys out there working on a transformer that malfunctioned or something, and they ogle me.  It’s unsettling.  But still a beautiful day, so hopefully they’ll be gone soon.

One of my favorite activities is getting nice and dirty in my beautiful garden.  i haven’t sung to it in a while, which makes it grow better.  Though some things are doing quite well anyways, as you can tell in the Garden Guide.  i think the summer garden may just be a bit more tempermental than the winter garden.  The pacifist nature of the winter plants may be due to the lack of bugs.  So my singing makes them feel better when they are constantly attacked my ravaging predators.  Pretty soon, like in a week or so, it’ll be time to plant the spring snap peas and onions and such.  But i figured since it’s so nice out now, i might just do it a bit early.  These type plants need to be sowed about a month and a half to 2 months before the last frost date in your area.  Ours is mid-March here.

I just made croutons.  Kyla loves them.  She called them croissants.  I also got my press release published on-line, and i put a link to it on the buzz page.  There are 2 other printed publications that i’m trying to get it published and have actually  heard back from.  So that’s good news.  And then we’re running arrends.  Kyla sold a video game on e-bay that we have to go ship, and i need to hang a flyer i made for the classes i offer in the local health store.

stinky puppies get bathed

And the highlight of the day:  our little chihuahua terrier, Lava Lamp, just took a crap and rolled around in it.  She stinks bad.  I have to wash her dress and her collar now.  She gets a bath.




Politics is a pendulum whose swings between anarchy and tyranny are fueled by perpetually rejuvenated illusions. ~Albert Einstein




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