1-23-12, Monday

Well, folks, it’s time for another round of Debate Drinking.  Tonight the GOP candidates will squabble nonsense from Florida, so use this handy game to make it easier to enjoy.  Anytime the following phrases are uttered by a candidate, the moderator, or through a question from the audience or tweet, follow the drinking directions:

At the end of the day- take 1 drink

Obamacare- drink from someone else’s glass

Romneycare- take 2 drinks

Drug War- 3 sips of your legalized beverage

Anytime a candidate says how many jobs he created- take 2 drinks for the jobless

Santorum speaks for God- Say “hallelujah” and down the glass

Ronald Reagan- take 1.45 drinks

If someone says we need a big fence to stop immigration- give a Mexican a drink

When a candidate says what he’ll do his first day in office- say “You Lie!” and take a drink

Every time Ron Paul is ignored while the other 3 squabble- take 1 drink

SOPA or PIPA- shake your head and down it


On to the homesteading…  We got purple, yellow and white onions planted at the back of the big garden.  I need to mulch over them with crushed leaves.  And we got all the dead okra from the side garden that runs along the fence pulled up.  There we planted 2 types of bush snap peas.  I didn’t need to trellis those because they don’t climb like the pole-type peas that i plant in May.  These snap peas require a longer growing season, and are more hardy, so can be put in the ground now.  I got some organic fertilizer from the local nursery that i put around the eggies i just sowed.  My garden gets depleated of nutrients, because i never let it have a break and just replenish it with a cover crop.  There is always seasonal veggies growing in it.  So i bought a 4-5-3 fertilizer that’ll give them a boost.

Besides Kyla’s homeschooling today, i just have normal household chores, like laundry, cleaning, and cooking, a few bills to pay, and i need to make an appointment for Jamie to to get his vision corrected, because he’s going blind.  And tonight i’m meeting up with friends at a local pub to watch the debate.

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other~ Oscar Ameringer


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