1-25-12, Wednesday

It’s raining!  i slept so well hearing it.  Woke up late.  Though i did stay up too late last night dancing to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  My internet went out yesterday due to the weather.  i had actually just made a new page for the Beyond Tangy Tangerine that was ready to publish on this site, then the internet quit on me and now i must start over.  i’m assuming we’re back online now, as i’m actually on my site at the moment.

Because it’s so wet out, i’ll just be doing inside stuff today.  i need to remove the seeds from a bunch of amaranth seed heads.  And i have a meeting with a public relations lady that’s going to try to help me get my products into stores.  But besides that and Ky’s homeschooling, i only have to go to my Grandmama’s house house and help her out with a little issue.  i’ll probably just spend the rest of the day writing my book.  i only have a bit over 7000 words so far, so i need to get crackin on that.

Oh and marinating raw chicken for my chicken jerky for the Health Fair this weekend.  Hopefully i’ll have my Excalibur back by tomorrow.   i always let the chicken marinate in the fridge overnight before dehydrating it for jerky.  i also need to make more business cards, flyers, and kale chips.  And apparently Lava Lamp needs a raincoat, so i’ll check it out and see if i can find one for a 7 pound dog.  But i’m drawing the line at boots.  Kyla’s dog will not be wearing rain boots.  Period.

So it’ll just be a wet, mildly productive day at the homestead.  i definately won’t be trimming hedges, or mulching over the (formerly) amaranth bed.  Because of the rain.  It looks so bare now.  And i’m still kicking myself in the butt for not putting in some kind of cover crop over the winter in the amaranth bed.  Silly Lindy.

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.~ Ronald Reagan

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