1-9-12, Monday

i know i haven’t posted anything in a while.  Not because i haven’t done anything worth posting, but because it has been a very hectic holiday season, and i’ve just been too busy to work on this website.  i hope everyone that celebrates the holidays, and spends time with family this time of year, had fun.  We did, through all the madness, we had a great Christmas.

i’m actually going to be adding some content to the site.  For those of you gardeners, who want to keep fresh produce growing all year, i will make a Garden Guide, that i hope will help with what to grow and when, as well as problems that i have that you may be able to avoid, so that you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your garden seasonally.  Of course, keep in mind that i am right on the edge of zones 7 & 8 in north texas, so in the northern US, you may need to start your fall gardens earlier than me, and your spring gardens may not be able to be sowed for a few weeks after i start mine.

It’s been unseasonably warm here.  Generally the first week of January is much cooler than 65*.  My garden doesn’t mind the warmth tho.  The kale, mesclun salad mic, beets, peas, fava beans, mustard, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli, radishes, carrots, spinich, kohl rabi, and araugula have all been growing quite well, even though they are considered cool-weather plants.  Even though we haven’t had much rain (until today), i haven’t watered my garden at all, and it’s fine.  I have pictures i’ll post in the Garden Guide.

Unfortunately, the stuff in the greenhouse isn’t doing as well.  i need to figure out why, as i may be doing something completely wrong to control the temperature and humidity in it.  i don’t know, but i’ll do some research and see if i can pinpoint the problem(s), so any of you can avoid those problems and have a more succesful greenhouse garden.

I got my dream dehydrator, an Excalibur.  It’s amazing!  Everything turns out better that i’ve dehydrated with it, because the heating element is on the side, not the top or bottom.  This allows a more consistent circulation of air for every tray, so they don’t have to be rotated.  It also has a temperature control, so whatever i’m dehydrating can be done at the right temperature, and is more easily timed.  This means i don’t have to check on the food so often, because i can literally time it, and get uniform results.  Awesome!



Today i will put up a shelf in my pantry so theExcalibur will have a place to live; it’s been on the kitchen table since i got it because it’s so big and won’t fit on any shelves.  It’s alot heavy than my cheezy Ronco dehydrator, so i’m anchoring the L brackets into the sheetrock to make it more sturdy.


i learned how to knit using a loom.  It’s so easy!  i’ll post a video to my YouTube channel.  The looms are available at Micheal’s, and are very inexpensive.  It’s alot of fun too!    This scarf i’m making will take two skiens of yarn, and i’m about to the end up my first one.





“Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.”

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