10-16-11, Sunday

i just blanched a bunch of okra that i’ve harvested in the last few days, so that i can freeze them.  i went ahead and did the noodle beans too, though i don’t have as many of those.  i also have milk for a double batch of tortillas sitting out to get luke warm.  i’m also dehydrating like a pound or so of amaranth to put in them.  Though i only use an 1/8 of a cup dried per batch of 12 tortillas.

Today Kyla and i are making a cold frame for the raised bed that the amaranth is in.  We’ll make it out of the collapsed greenhouse.  We should be able to make a few for some of the garden that isn’t quite frost-resistant.  That amaranth i planted in what used to be Kyla’s greenhouse is actually growing.  They’re only about 2″ tall, though.  It’s just amazing that those little guys get to over 6′ tall in such a short time!  There are 2 raised beds, but i’m putting one of them into the greenhouse i will be putting up next to the big garden.  The other raised bed will stay where it is, and you can see the simple frame i made for a little mini-greenhouse type cold frame that is over it.  That will be a temporary structure that can be removed when it’s warm.  There was damage to the vinyl-ish greenhouse material during the collapse, and there are many rips that i will have to sew back up.  i have button cord to fix the rips.  Ane because it won’t fit this frame because it wasn’t made for it, i will have to do some altering anyways.  But it’s better than buying cold frames and colaches.  Do what you can with what you have…

You can’t even tell this area had a big tree.  (you can see the stump on the post from last Sunday)

We literally had to dig a 6-6 foot diameter circle around the stump to be able to get it cut down below the level of the lawn so i cold cover it over with soil.  This way i have a level area to put my greenhouse where it gets sun.  The place i put the greenhouse that collapsed didn’t get much sun through the day now that it’s lower in the sky with winter coming.  So this is a better place.

And now we have the frame for the greenhouse up.  Kyla just helped and it only took like 10 minutes. i am going to make this one more sturdy than the last one, so i’ll be digging the posts into the ground a few inches & maybe even put them through brick holes.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.- Aesop

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