10-18-11, Tuesday

Wow!  Last night we had a freak hail storm.  i saw the lightning rolling in, but it was so nice out that i sat on the back porch watching the sky light up from afar.  Then all the sudden ice starts pelting from the sky!  My plants are not very happy this morning.  Unfortunately the frozen bullets from above shot down some of my gardens.

dying amaranth



sick malabar spinich







fallen peas and ruined trellis



there's more okra leaves on the ground than on the plants now




i’m going to have to repair most of the trellises in the garden, as the twine i used couldn’t withstand the brutality of the hail.  i’m just glad i didn’t have the skin on the greenhouse yet.  Definately need to reenforce the new one so it’ll hold up against mean old man winter.  It’s a good 20 degrees colder today than yesterday, comin in fast.  The wind is almost tornadic, gusty.  i already miss summer…

Well, Kyla and Jamie really liked the chicken noodle soup.  i made it because Ky wasn’t feeling well, and even though she wanted broccoli cheese soup, i had all the stuff for chicken noodle, plus it’s easy.  So they ate about half of it and i put the rest in the freezer for the next time someone is feeling ill.  i got some organic half and half from the store this morning for broccoli cheese soup (that’s what i was missing yesterday for it).  i tought Kyla how to make a roux, which is the creamy base that makes it thick without corn startch.  She did a great job!  Now it’s in the crockpot with broth and broccoli.  i’ll add the cheese in a few hours when the broccoli gets soft, and probably partially blend it with the hand blender for texture.  i grated chedder and jack and a little bit of swiss for a 3 cheese soup, which will be ready for dinner.  i’ll post the recipe for this soup on the recipe page.

i ended up having alot more broccoli than i needed for the soup, as there wasn’t enough liquid to cover it all in the crockpot.  So i blanched the remaining florets and all the stems, and i’m freezing them for the next time i make soup, or even for steamed broccoli.  i should try dehydrating some in the future.  i’m not sure how well it does, but i like to have lots of dehydrated foods on hand in case we loose power.  Or if my freezer goes out again.  Dehydrating food is so easy, and you can store tons of food in very little space.

Jupiter the Kitty

Kyla is getting a new kitty today.  The vet at the animal hospital i took Love to last week is looking for homes for her new kitties.  We’re going to pick up the girl one in a little while, she’s so excited.  Just what we need, another addition to the UnHinged zoo.  i told her to name it Kangaroo, but i think she’s leaning towards Jupiter.


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