10-3-11, Monday

Wow, i can’t believe how clean the garage is!  i got rid of so much stuff!  We had to open the garage doorm which is a difficult feat to accomplish as it has been broken for a while.  But the dead freezer was making a horrid stench, so we had to get it out.  Jamie literally had to wear a mask so he could breath.  But we got it out and it made cleaning out the garage alot easier, so we were able to rearrange and set up Jamie’s ping pong table.




The solar dehydrator worked.  It took a little longer than an electric dehydrator, but it accomplished the same thing.  That tray was full of fresh celery, but when it dehydrates and there’s no moisture left in it, it’s shrinks up.  That’s why i used mesh with such small holes for the food to sit on, because bigger holes would allow the food to fall through when it dries.  i’ve had that issue with the electric dehydrator.  The holes are bigger so when i dehydrate something like peas, they all fall through.  This dehydrator will be much more efficient to do the food that shrinks up tiny like sliced celery, peas, sliced carrots, diced onions…

it’s really cool, and wasn’t difficult.  Anyone could make their own solar dehydrator and have another method of food storage, that is completely free.  Plus i spent only $3 to make the dehydrator, and that was on black spray paint.  if you have back spray paint then the cost would be FREE.


I have a busy day today.  Right now i’m making croutons for Jamie’s lunch, because i make him an amaranth salad everyday.  But he left today before i could finish it because he had to get rid of the freezer in the back of his truck before work.  i have milk in a bowl outside warming up for my tortillas.  They are much better if i use luke warm milk.  i also put dried amaranth in them and onion powder, so they are always green.  We are down to our last loaf of bread too, so i will make more.  i always make 3 loaves at a time and freeze 2 of them.  But my mama want’s another loaf of jalapeno bread, so i will have to dice jappies first and give a loaf to her.

i wanted to get in the greenhouse today and plant some things that do well in warmer weather, because i have all my fall and winter plants already in the gardens.  i don’t know if i’ll have time though, because i also have a few arrends to run.  my car is full of crap i’m getting rid of, so i need to take it up to the church to donate.

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