10-6-11, Thursday

Well, we made it back and had a fun, productive, short trip.  We attempted to make bagels after getting all the work done around the farm.  They turned out heavy and hardish, so i’m going to work on a new recipe to remedy that problem.  Instead of the recipe we made, i’m going to try it more like normal bread, but still following the same steps for bagels and see if it turns out better.  We also successfully made a batch of hickory smoke chicken jerky.  I brought home about 4 dozen free-range organic chicken eggs, and will attempt a few recipes like amaranth quiche.

I also brought home at least 10 pounds of pears.  I’m going to attempt chiptle pear sauce, and maybe amaretto pear butter.  i just need to get some xantham gum to thicken up the sauce and keep it organic.  So today to get started i am boiling all the pears until they’re soft.  this is different than how you do peaches for jams, because with peaches they are simply blanched.  Because pears are much harder than peaches, they must be soft first in order to puree it unless you have a food mill.  i wish i had a food mill.  i’ve looked at several different kinds, because it’s be useful for grains and pastas as well.  But alas, i am without, and must make do with what i have.  My nifty blender.

i got whilte amaranth seeds sowed in one of the raised beds in the greenhouse.  Hopefully it’ll hold us over the winter.  Right now i have a 660 square foot bed of amaranth that i harvest from at least once a day.  The bed in the greenhouse is only 32 square feet, so if it even grows, there won’t be nearly as much as i’m used to.  So i’ve really gotta get cracken on dehydrating and freezing the amaranth that’s still growing (but is fading), so that i can still cook with it over the winter.  Even tho the dishes i’ll be able to make will be limited due to not having as much fresh (so no salads), at least i’ll still be able to use it in fritters, breads and tortillas, souffles…

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