11-28-11, Monday

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We had 3 families to visit that day, so it was pretty hectic.  i spent most of the week cooking.

greenhouse at night

It is freezing!  Last week we had nice weather; i was able to put up my christmas lights in shorts and a tank top.  Then it suddenly froze to sub-zero tempuratures overnight! i’ve had a fire going for 3 days, and it’s not even winter yet.  But it is cozy sitting in front of the fire.  And even though it’s so cold out, the greenhouse has stayed warm.  i have 4 lights in it and a small heater.  So the plants are growing well.  And it looks pretty cool at night too.  it feels like winter too, with the christmas tree up.

Unfortunately the weather is affecting the amaranth though.  It is starting to fall over, so i’m cutting down the whole stalks when they start slumping, taking all the stems out of the leaves and dehydrating them.  So at least we have tons of dehydrated amaranth now.  Hopefully it’ll make enough to last until i plant my new crop next spring.











Over the weekend i canned tons of green beans.  i made cajun beans and szechuan beans, and today i’m making Melanzane Sott’Olio.  That means “pickled eggplant under oil”.  So i’ll be canning a few jars of that and reprocessing a few jars that didn’t seal yesterday.  i also have to make tortillas, because tonight i’m making soft tacos for dinner.

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