11-29-11, Tuesday

Sob Sob…  My poor spaghetti squash.   They did not like the frigid weather we’ve had up in North Texas, and now the leaves are all dried and wilted.  The big squashes that we’re growing got a weird dark green splotch on the top after the frost.  i thought they could handle the cold better, but alas, the squash perfers warm.  And this is even considered a winter squash.  Sigh.  The squash i planted in the spring failed because of those wretched squash bugs, and in the fall from cold.  There’s just no winning with these guys.  Next fall i’ll just make sure to get them in the ground in August instead of september, so i’ll have a longer growing season without the evil bugs before the cold kills em off.  However we were able to enjoy some nice meals from this batch already.

broccoli- note the one flowering on the left




But on a brighter note, the the other cool weather veggies are doing great.  The radishes, telephone peas, fava beans, cow peas, brussel sprouts, beets, the different kales, parsnips, carrots, spinich, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, mesclun salad mix, arugula, swiss chard, mustard…  are all still thriving.  So this frost wasn’t completely devastating.  It only killed off the remaining eggplants and okra from the spring, and the sad spaghetti squash.

We have an event this weekend to sell the UnHinged Products, so i’ve been making lables for the jars, and we’ll be making them festive with bows, so maybe people will buy them as Christmas gifts.  Well, that’s the plan anyways.  i have to go to my mama’s to vacuum seal the jerky, because i don’t have a vacuum sealer to do it.  But Christmas is coming, so maybe i’ll have one soon.
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