11-8-11, Tuesday

It’s been a while since i posted anything, but we’ve had an odd and hectic week.

My okra production has really started to decline.

i’m only getting about 5 pounds a week now.  So i planted 2 raised beds in the greenhouse with 3 different types of okra.  i’ll still have a good crop of the Clemson Spineless, it’s what i planted the most of.  But i’ll also have white okra and orange okra too.  i didn’t have enough room in the greenhouse to plant the purple and red okra tho.  i’ll have to wait for spring and plant it in the big garden.  Check out this weird okra i harvested.

i got alot more planted in the greenhouse too:  Joseph’s Coat amaranth, white cucumbers, ground cherries, thai basil…  And there are now 2 lamps i keep turned on, hanging from the roof to keep it warm when the temperature drops.  It’s working, the tomatoes are doing great and the okra is already about 3 inches tall.





We had a great Halloween.  i got our costumes finished and we went Trick-or-Treating.

Sailor Venus

 We were Sailor Scouts.  I’m Sailor Pluto, and Kyla is Sailor Venus.

After Halloween Kyla and i went to the farm.  My friend is a freedom-loving patriot too, so flies the Gadsdon Flag, cool.   We love going to the farm.  Kyla really enjoys feeding the donkeys, taking care of the chickens, and riding the 4 wheeler out there.

Unfortunately we had to get rid of Gumball, because that duck was being mean to the little ducks and our dog, Lava.  So Gumball got a new home with the chickens at the farm and immediately had a run-in with the donkeys.  So they may be having duck for Thanksgiving.







Today i am storing the amaranth that is starting to fade due to the changing weather.  They are literally falling over because the cold has affected their growth.  They aren’t as strong as they are in the summer and apparently cannot hold their own weight.  i need to dehydrate the leaves for my amaranth tortillas and harvest the seeds from those big seed heads.  i’m hanging the seed heads from a rope over boxes that’ll catch the seeds.  i’ve cut off the seed heads and used clothes pins to hang them upside down like wet laundry.  It looks weird, but should work.  i’ll post the results.





Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke. —Will Rogers

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