Peaches! 6-28-12

So the peaches are finally ripe at the farm.  Ky and i took a day trip down there to pick peaches for Peach Salsa.  We ended up getting some pears too, which she is now pealing.  i’ll make bread out of the peals, and amaretto pear walnut jam out of the pear meat.

When we got home i harvested onions, peppers and tomatoes from the garden to make the peach salsa. Apparently it’s quite hot, even for jalapeno lovers.  So i added a bit of brown sugar to counter balance the heat. i’m told the flavor is good though.


My squash and zukes are dying due to the horrid squash bugs, the bane of my garden.  i’m trying to salvage them, but at this point, i’m just harvesting every zuke that grows, even if it could stay on the vine longer to get bigger.  Because otherwise, it’ll be covered in those nasty little buggers.  That’s my zuke, not theirs!  So i ended up shredding bunches of zukes this week, even small ones.  Not so bad though, because now i have more zucchini bread than will fit in the fridge.  We’re picking up a new freezer for the homestead this evening.  Unfortunately though, with the squash bugs making the front bed a pathetic mass of dead plants, and the vine borers attacking the squash in the back yard, i won’t be able to make squash bread much longer.  Must find an alternative! Carrots???

i have something really odd to mention.  Kale.  Winter veggie, right?  i planted some around february or so.  It started bolting when it began getting hottish down here in Texas, about 2 months ago.  So i cut off the seed heads of all the kale, and astoundingly, it is prouducing more leaves again!  Crazy!  So anyone growing kale, or even spinach or any other green might want to give it a try.  Just cut off the entire stem that the seed head sprung from and see what happens.  It’s just weird, i’m making kale chips again, IN THE SUMMER!

Right.  i need to get back into the sauna that is Texas in June (my garden).  Picking veggies for the lunches i cater.  i think the mosquitoes get more to eat from me than the people i feed…  And there is tons of okra that need to be picked too, before they get tough.  i see okra for dinner in the near future.  i may try roasting it.  Normally i sautee it with butter and garlic, and i’ve tried putting it on the grill, and of course the gumbo, so time to try something different.

Happy Gardening!

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