Heat! 9-4-12

This heat makes my garden look wilty and sick by midday.  Luckily, most of the stuff growing now is more resistant to the heat.  But even these peppers look sad in the afternoon.  As long as they’re well mulched though, the spring back to life by the morning, after the temp drops at night, like the peppers below.


What worries me is the fall plants that require cooler weather to germinate and get established.  Those aren’t doing too well in the heat.  Winter squash and kale, which generally grow pretty fast under the right conditions, are staying small now.  Probably to protect themselves from the heat until daytime temperatures fall.


This morning i mulched a raised bed of okra.  Okra is still doing great because it likes the heat and can withstand a little drought.  This bed i planted about 2 weeks ago, i think.  It’s Jing Orange Okra and it was difficult to find seeds, so i’m really looking forward to it producing!

After 11 or so it gets too hot to be outside for long, so today i’ll be deboning a chicken, making jerky, baking carrot bread, doing laundry…  i also need to make honeydew melon jam (yes, the vines are still producing melons).  And there’s cukes, okra, and beans to pickle too, as long as i have enough jars.   Just normal stuff around the homestead.

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