3-12-12, Monday

We had a pretty productive weekend, considering it was raining most of the time.  We got a few hundred pounds of organic manure and humus to fill another raised bed to put more strawberries in.  i found straw at the local tractor supply to mulch the strawberry bed with, because strawberries don’t like soil and will rot immediately upon impact.  So the straw in the bed is a good medium to keep them off the soil.  You’d think straw would be pretty easy to come by, but i went to 3 different nurseries to find some before i found it at the tractor supply.  i bet a feed store would have it too, for anyone planning to grow strawberries.  With the straw in the bed, you can barely see the little plants yet.  We got in 50 bare root strawberries that claim to grow berries the size of peaches (we’ll see about that).  And these plants as of now have much bigger root systems than runners, so they are barely visible, hiding in the straw.

i also started more plants.  Now we have a bunch of purple artichoke seeds germinating in the greenhouse.  i know i started them much later than i should have because they need at least 2 months to get established before transplanting into the garden after the last frost.  i’ve cut that time in half, so they might not make it unless i keep them in the greenhouse.  So i’ll probably transplant half of them into a raised bed in the greenhouse because there isn’t enough room for all of them in there, with everything else growing in there.  The rest will be transplanted into the garden, and we’ll just hope for the best.


i’m going to expand my garden operation this year and make a 2000 square foot (or so) bed at my dad’s house to grow all my okra and beans.  So we got the area covered with tarp and cardboard to smother the grass and kill it.  That way it can just be tilled in, add nutrients to the soil, and we won’t have to pull out the roots.  It’s tedious work, so this is just a much easier way to get rid of grass in an unestablished garden.

Oh!  And i found a prickly pear cactus at Calloways nursery!  i’m so excited about that, because i’ve looked for years to find one.  We put it in the ground next to the asparagus, but he’ll have to be moved to his own dry little area.  Apparently, because the asparagus needs so much more water than the cactus, we’d end up drowning the little guy.  So i’m going to make his home in a big plant holder on the front porch that gets quite a bit of sun, but barely any water.

Ky and i are making sprouted wheat bread today.  This is the kind that takes all day because it must be kneaded and allowed to rise 4 times.  So while it’s growing in the kitchen, we’ll be out back, getting grass out of the back of the amaranth bed for a new plot of onions.  i got the last sets at Calloways and need to get em in the ground.  We are going to have more onions than we’ll know what to do with!  And we’re running into space issues for all the plants, so i think we’ve decided to move the trampoline and put in another 200 square foot bed.  i don’t know whether it’ll be in ground or raised tho.  i’m also going to plant the plum tree out front and make a raised bed around it.

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