3-28-12, Wednesday

Apologies to all of my readers that i’ve neglected recently.  i have not had time to get on the computer, so let’s catch up.

scales on the leaves and stems

Friday went well at the farmer’s market and i completely sold out of bread and kale chips, so i had to hurry home afterwards and bake another several loaves of bread and of course, more kale chips for Saturday.  After the market closed on Saturday we got busy.  My Dwarf Meyer Lemon bush is sick with scales, so i sprayed it with Neem Oil (it is organic) to suffocate the nasty infestation.  Hopefully the little guy will pull through.


We ended up spending a lot of time at my dad’s preparing the garden over there.  We’ve been getting a huge area tilled up for some of my okra, tomatoes, squash, cukes and beans.  And we’re spreading out compost all over, then covering it back up with cardboard to make sure the roots of the grass and weeds die.  i’ll pull up the cardboard in 2 weeks or so and get everything planted.  But today we’re just tilling and spreading compost.
i also hand tilled a block in my garden here and got some more purple dragon carrots in the ground.  And i found some 4 by 4’s and made a 49 square foot bed in the front yard around a tiny little plum tree (that has never produced a plum).  Now there are little yellow crookneck squashes in it.  And i planted a nasturtium next to each of them to hopefully deter the horrid squash bugs.


And Jam.  i jammed all day yesterday.  Spicy Pinot Noir Strawberry Jam and Sangria Blackberry Jam.  Oh yes, and more relish too.  i’ll be canning it this morning before we go back over to Daddy’s to till.  Hopefully i have enough jars.  i need to find a place that i can get pint and half pint canning jars in bulk, wholesale.  And organic flour wholesale too.  i go through a ton of flour.  In fact i just got an order for loaves of garlic bread, but i’m out of flour.  i need to make more flax bread too.  i made some last weekend, but it’s all gone.  i did trade some of it for the use of a friend’s tiller though.  We didn’t eat it all.

Now i’m going to take Kyla to Disney on Ice to see Tangled with a friend that won tickets.  Thanks Eugene, see ya soon!

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. ~Thomas Paine

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