3-29-12, Thursday

Garlic Onion Provolone Bread

Greetings all!  It’s another exciting day of baking at the homestead.  As i mentioned yesterday, we have to get about a dozen loaves of bread made today.  And i am getting it done,  but poor Kyla has to do all the kneading.  Yesterday while working on the garden at Daddy’s, a wheelbarrow full of nice composted soil fell on me and bruised my ribs.  So, utilizing child labor, bread has been baking all day.  It smells awesome, but just makes everyone hungry.  i hope enough lasts to take to market.  i usually use smoked gouda or parmasan on the garlic bread, but today i’m doing provolone (my favorite!).

A few of the jams i canned yesterday didn’t seal properly, so i’m jammin again today too.  i just had to reprocess a few of them.  And also get all those goodies labeled and loaded in the van.  Hopefully i made enough stuff so i don’t have to come home friday after the first day of the farmer’s market and bake more bread and make more kale chips.  i think i’ll be good and stocked this time.  Not that i’m complaining about selling out of goodies.  i made cute little sample jars too.  And little mini disposable spoons (that i still wash) to top it off.

Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas – finest form of free entertainment ever invented. ~Molly Ivans


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