3-8-12, Thursday

The Dueling Patriots radio show went well last night, i think.  At least when we weren’t talking over each other.  Marcus and Scott are both articulate and funny, so it’d be worth checking out at http://www.duelingpatriots.com/.  And a special shout out to John Perry for calling in and supporting UnHinged.  Very cool.  He can be found on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/merchantservices.

So today we’ll finally get that broccoli flower soup made.  Kyla’s been preparing the flowers for it, and it is time consuming.  Broccoli flower soup is made just like broccoli floret soup.  We’ll start with a roux, which is made by melting butter and whisking in flour for a minute, then slowly adding milk and heating until thick.  We’ll sauté a diced onion in butter, and add with chicken stock, broccoli flowers and cheese.  Voila!  Creamy yummyness of broccoli flowers.

It’s supposed to be raining all day and tomorrow.  Bummer…  i like the rain, but not when it keeps me from the farmer’s market.  i don’t think i’ll be setting up a booth out there in a thunderstorm, which is forecasted.  Poop!  Hopefully next weekend will be better.  But at least this gives me more time to get everything prepared that i wanted to.  i still haven’t even made the labels for all the things i’ve made recently; Or made any of the bread or tortillas either.  And i’d like to have a catering menu made beforehand too.

But the rain is fun for the kiddoes.  Kyla likes to jump on the trampoline when it’s wet out, because it bounces higher.  And of course, my garden appreciates the rain as well.  i’m glad we got the raspberry in the ground and mulched before the weather moved in.  It’s along the chainlink fence with the blackberries.  Can’t wait for the fruit!


i’m dehydrating the onions that cooked in the crockpot with the chicken.  They’re great to use in everyday cooking, because they rehydrate so quickly when added to a dish being prepared.  They’re also great just as they are in wraps and sandwiches.  We call it onion jerky.



If the biotech industry is so proud of GMOs, why don’t they tout GMOs on food packaging labels? ~Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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