3-9-12, Friday

Well, i had an interesting evening last night.  That’s all i’m going to say about that.  But i will humor my curious readers with a picture of our new Venus Fly Trap, aptly name “Little Pot of Horrors”.  But we renamed it Ribbit, which suits her well.



Yesterday i posted a pick of hydrated crockpotted onions.  This is what it looks like after Merlin (the Excalibur) does his magic.  And the pineapple finally dehydrated.  It took alot longer than i expected.  It was dehydrating for about 18 hours total at a temp of 135 F.  When i store my dehydrated fruits and veggies i always put in a packet of silica gel.





So let’s go back to the broccoli flower cheese soup.  The recipe is posted on the Recipe Page.    We took lotsa pictures to demonstrate how to make it:

First you’ll sauté diced onions.

Then in a second skillet, melt butter and mix with flour.  Whisk that for a minute or so.

Add milk slowly while whisking, and stirring occasionally, let it thicken over medium heat for 5 or 6 minutes.

After your roux is thick, transfer it to a pot with warm chicken broth.

Then add broccoli stems and florets.

Use an immersion blender to make the roux, sock, broccoli mixture somewhat smoothish.

Then add the grated cheese of your choice, broccoli flowers and onions to the mixture and let it simmer until the flowers are soft enough for your taste.  Now just enjoy!

Today, as always, will be another busy day.  We had a cold (and rainy) front come in, so we’ll be productive indoors with a fire to keep us warm.  i still didn’t get labels made, so that’s definitely on the agenda.  i also need to drop by a nursery and try to hunt down onion sets for a friend to plant who’s starting her first garden.  And i really need to get on making more relish, as it’s my #1 seller and i don’t have enough.  i doubt i’ll be able to get to the bread, because i really want to get a podcast started.  The problem is, i have no idea how to.  it’s become an issue.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Vote Libertarian. ~ Lindy Suze

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