8-12-11, Friday

Happy Friday!  Ky & i are finishing up the last of the canning for the fest tomorrow.  We’ve made lables and business cards and will be making signs and pricing.  I made salsa with tomatoes from the garden and boiled them in a very spicy mexican beer.  It’s awesome!  I’ll can those and make some more hemp necklaces and anklets. We have arrends to run, sigh… But I’m excited about tomorrow.  UnHinged’s first debut.  Making sure everything is good to go today.

Then Sunday I must seriously focus on the garden.  The unending 110 degree inferno that is North Texas, coupled with this summer-long drought has been murder on my plants.  Literally.  Only my drought resistant plants like amaranth, peppers, okra and such are thriving.  I’ve mulched and water before the sun comes up daily, but there’s alot of plants that just can’t take the heat.  So i need to pull up the dying ones and compost them.  I can replace them with fast growing drought-resistant plants, or i can plant legumes to replace the nitrogen in the soil.  Though they won’t produce much, if at all, to harvest (because of the searing heat),  nitrogen is necessary for the soil, and i plant legumes between crops all the time.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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