8-16-11, Tuesday

I believe the whole of north Texas has somehow been placed in a giant sauna.  Well, my lawn mower doesn’t like me very much, and since i cannot seem to ever get it started, i managed to mow the front lawn with my weed whacker.  Whatever works…  i also finally got the rest of the logs fitted around the big tree for Kyla raised bed.  Now i just need to fill it with top soil.

i’ve also been making more chicken jerky.  i’ve made chicken jerky everyday trying to perfect it.  i’ve gotten better.  They don’t have the texture of kettle chips anymore, but i’m still trying to find that perfect balance between dehydrated enough to store, and too dry.  Today I am also attempting my first batch of Chow Chow, and i am to harvesting cukes for more pickles.  I’m running quite low on pickles and my awesome olive relish after the fest last weekend.

and “freedom costs a buck o five”….


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