8-17-11, Wednesday

Well, my chicken jerky went from from raw to chicken chips when i wasn’t looking (again), so i’ll get more of that prepping in my secret yumminess, and make more.  I am determined to get this down to a perfected exact science.

I am continuing work i did yesterday beside the big garden i call the “Veggie Bed” to expand it and put up another greenhouse there along side it.  I believe it will have to have raised beds though, which is ok, as long as i put in shelves.  I also put manure in the front raised bed, so i just need some top soil and then i’ll put down mulch.  it’s looking good!  Kyla can start planting orach as soon as i get the seeds in.  Yippee!  Orach in the fron yard!  I’m doing the other bed around another tree in a hectagon, but i haven’t started it yet.

I also have cukes ready to pickle, after soaking in canning salt over night.  I’m also canning the chow chow, which i’m not particularly fond of.  i was given a recommendation to add pictures of the process, so i will post pics to help those who need visuals to understand the process of canning.  Of course, anyone can comment with questions, and i will respond.

First sterilize the jars and lids for a good 10 minutes in boiling water.







Then i packed the cukes into the hot jars and ladled the brine to 1/2" from the top.

Next use a thin long instrument around the inside of the jar to remove all the bubbles.

After wiping the rim clean, place the sterilized lid on and the band. But only turn the band with your fingertips until the jar moves with it. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BAND.

Put the jars into the boiling water bath to process. The water should cover all the jars by an inch. The jars should be sitting in the canner on some sort of grate so that they aren't actually on bottom of the pot.

When the water is boiling turn it down just to where it isn't boiling violently and put the lid tightly on the canner. Process the pickles by letting them boil for 10 minutes. Different foods process for different times.

After the pickles have processed, turn off the stove and removed the lid AWAY FROM YOU. Other wise the steam will seriously burn.

Remove the jars straight up with the tongs, Don't tip them to get the water off the top. Make sure to keep them straight up.

Let them cool on a rack. Resist the urge to mess with them for 24 hours. Don't tighten the bands or wipe them off. Just leave them alone, and the next day the bands may be tightened. If the lids did not seal, i don't recommend reprocessing. It would be best to put and the fridge and eat soon.

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