9-12-11, Monday

Kyla’s party went well.  She had a blast.The bottom of our toes are kinda worn, from playing in the pool for so long.  i’ve been putting away the party stuff all morning.  It was a busy busy weekend!  i got ky some malabar spinich to plant in one of her raised beds out front.  It should do well in the fall and is pretty, so i won’t go to jail for growing veggies in the front yard.  We’ll get those on the ground today.

When Ky and i were checking out the gardens in the back after i did all the watering, we found an awesome long red Chinese Bean.  i had almost lost hope in them, and have no idea how i missed this monster bean!  It’s 18″ long!

18" Chinese Red Bean

The veggies are finally getting back to life, now that we are past 110 degree days.  It’s been nice and cool in the afternoons in the 90’s.  We’ve even been getting a little breeze now and then.  So the plants are really starting to produce.  We’ve been able to harvest a bunch of okra every day.

My amaranth is about as tall as me.  It’s funny, because you can see the duck’s mark in the amaranth bed, as there are no leaves under a foot and a half or so.  And at about 2 feet off the ground, the leaves look halfway chewed.

love that amaranth!

We still have plenty for us to steam, make salads, and dry for use in breads and tortillas and such.  Gumball is mad at me, because i only let her out to graze 4 or 5 days a week.  The other days i’m trying to let the garden heal a bit and she does not like that at all.  She gives me evil looks, and snubbs me when i try to feed her.  Olive and Dragon just take what they get and are happy with it.  They’re all greedy little buggers, even though they get plenty of food they still fight over it.

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