About Rising Bread: 5-29-12

 It was a great day at Scarborough yesterday!  Kyla got to bring a friend to hang out with too.  It was the last day, but i did get stocked for the year on my organic soaps and lotions.  And i got a bunch of organic bug spray and “Bug Off” lotions.

We wear period costumes, but my accent is horrible, so i don’t even attempt it.

Anyways, i did some research onto the problems that me, and others apparently, were having with bread last week.  i found out that after the first rising and the dough is punched down, that it should actually be kneaded again (i had only been punching down without the second knead).  Then it’s put into the prepared loaf pans to rise again.  Also, the second rise can rise too much, which will make it fall into itself when it’s put into the hot oven.  So only let it rise in the loaf pans for 45 minutes or so.  i just made 3 loaves of bread this morning that turned out fantastic!  Well, 2 of them did.  One is a little small and will be turned into croutons.

Now i’m making more squash bread and more zuke bread.  i’ve had so much in the garden that my neighbors are getting tons of squash.  i should have time to make more pasta this afternoon.  i sold out last weekend.  i tried to make more on Sunday, and it turned out really bad.  Not the taste, but the texture.  i couldn’t even get it flat enough to run through the pasta machine.  So i through it out and need to start over today.

it’s getting hot in the kitchen.  i deboned a chicken this morning.  i always put a quartered onion in the crockpot while it’s cooking, then i dehydrate the  onion with a bit of salt and pepper.  We call it onion jerky, but it’s actually thin and crispy like a chip and great to cook with and add to salads and sandwiches.  And dehydrated like that, it keeps for quite a long time.  Though since i use no preservatives, i still keep it in the fridge.

Alright, back to work.  Happy Homesteading!

If the Patriot Act had been called “Repeal the 4th Amendment Act” it wouldn’t have been voted for.” ~Ron Paul

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