Apple Jam: 10-22-12

Besides canning Candied Peppers and Bread & Butter Pickles, i’m attempting Honey Apple Cranberry Jam today.  There’s 20 cups of diced and peeled red and green apples simmering in lemon juice until they break down.  Then i’ll add the honey and cranberries  That’ll take a while, so i’m making more english muffins, cheesy garlic bread, and croutons in the meantime.  i’ll be making more breadcrumbs for my famous crunchy Eggplant Parmesan too.  Yummers! Breadcrumbs are so easy to make, i don’t know why anyone would ever buy them.  It’s pretty much just croutons crushed up.  i have some sprouted bread that’s gotten a bit stale, which is perfect for that.

i’m also mulching my growing fall veggies, now that they’re big enough to not hinder the young sprouts’ growth.  This weekend we weeded, hopefully for the last time this season, around all the winter squash and sweet potatoes.  They’re doing fantastic!  So now i can put down a heavy layer of mulch to protect the roots from the temperature variations and cold nights.  We should definitely have pumpkins by Thanksgiving if i can get them a bit healthier.



i think they may be lacking in the mineral magnesium. Many gardeners are so concerned with the big 3, nitrogen, potash, and phosphorous, that the other essential minerals are discounted.  But when you see plants that ordinarily do well, start to yellow, it generally means there is a magnesium deficiency in the soil.  Mixing some Magnesium Sulfate (available at most nurseries) in water and soaking the plant thoroughly should do the trick.

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