Candied Citrus Peels: 11-7-12

i’ve been incommunicado.  Just a bit of stress.  Sorry no blog lately.  But No biggie, No worries.

So, candy peels!  Good candied citrus peels can sell for as much as $49 for a half pound at candy stores.  So i’m going to find out what’s so good about them, having never tried it before.  i wish i had taken pictures of the steps taken yesterday when i started them.

Kyla and i had to dig out the fruit from the peels (and save for later use).  Then the peels have to boil in a simple syrup until translucent, which takes a while.  (Save the simple syrup after drained for later use too).  Now they are drying on racks, and will be for a few days.  After that more steps are taken.  Yes, it is a time-consuming process.  We’re using lemons and oranges.  And because i prepared them together, it should all be sweet and tart.

I’m also making butternut squash bread and pumpkin bread today.  The thing about winter squash that’s different from summer squash bread is that is must bake before it can be used in bread.  This is true for all hard shelled winter squashes/pumpkins.  You have to cut the winter squash in half and place cut-side down on a cookie sheet in about an inch of water.  Then bake at 350 for 45 minutes or so, until the inside is soft.  Dig out the meat from the shell, then it can be used in bread.  Also, keep the seeds for toasted pumpkin seeds.  Yum!  They were gone almost as soon as they came out of the oven.

From feedback of my official Taste Testers, the peach salsa i just made is WAY hot.  So i now must also make another batch of milder peach salsa and mix the 2 batches together to make a just-right-hot one.  i can’t help it if the peppers we grow are hotter than normal.  Maybe it’s a Texas thang…  So i might need to use less of those hot jappies in my jalapeno bread today too.  Maybe.  Nah.  Extra Hot Jappy bread at the market this weekend.

The Bama again, really?  This is what Americans decided?  For real?  Are we that deluded as a country?  Apparently.  Hope?-less. ~me

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