Fall Gardening: 8-20-12

We spent all weekend in the garden, weeding out the grass and the summer fruits and veggies that are done.  Some of them the heat and drought got to, some were taken by pests, and some just only produce for a short period of time.  So it’s time to get cleared out for the fall plants.  The change  in the garden in amazing from season to season. before below, after to the left.







So today, even though i’m really sore, i’ve planted artichokes that i started indoors in July.  And put up the same “upside down U” trellises that i used for the cukes in the summer.  These are for the bumper crop of zukes, winter squash, and fall pumpkins.  we also cleared out a few raised beds for a bumper crop of okra and kale.  And een though i don’t know what borage is, i’m planting some along the fence-line where the okra was last summer.  i’m also planting carrots, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli today.  Those are also transplants started in July.

So besides that, i’m going to try making corn tortillas for enchiladas.  We haven’t had corn tortillas, so therefore no enchiladas, in a very long time because i don’t allow corn on the homestead.  there really is no telling whether it’s GMO or not, and there’s a 95% chance any corn or corn product from a store is.

i’m tired, just gunna cook now. Happy homesteading.

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