Fall Gardening Continued: 9-13-12

There hasn’t been much to post this week, as it’s been pretty average.  Light gardening, baking canning…  i got more of my garden mulched, and planted more okra.  i’m still in transition from spring/summer garden to fall garden.  Today i’ll be planting more beets and onions.  The conversion is always a bit odd, because some warm-weather plants stick it out longer, so the fall gardener must make room for the cool-weather plants, as the summer ones die.  i still have to wait to plant more onions and celery when the rest of the amaranth dies from the cold.  The chilly nights are making it fade fast.

Some of the okra planted in april is still hanging in there.  But as i mentioned before, the kitties like to climb it, and end up pulling it over so it’s growing horizontally.  But as you can see, though they aren’t  big healthy okra plants, they are still producing.  Weird…

i’ll probably be pulling up soon though to make room for more productive things.  And there’s many seeds that i planted in mid to late August that either didn’t germinate, or got baked by the heat as seedlings.  So i’m resowing those plants as well.

i’ve been sprouting hard red wheat this week and got it dehydrated.  You can see the little white sprouts that make this wheat so nutritious.  Kyla ground it up for me through the food mill (a hand cranked, time-consuming contraption).  So i’m able to make more of my favorite bread, the Sprouted Wheat Bread. Yummy.  i’ve gotten to the point that bread baking in the oven is somewhat nauseating. i don’t eat any of the breads baked often at the homestead, like the cheesy garlic onion bread, or the jalapeno bread.  i don’t even like the smell of them baking because i make so much of it for the market.  But the sprouted wheat bread still makes me hungry.

In politics I am growing indifferent – I would like it, if I could now return to my planting and books at home~ Ulysses S. Grant

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