Gardening For Real: 5-16-12


i actually didn’t have much time to spend in the garden yesterday.  i did get the cukes trained up the trellises i planted them by.  Some of them were trying to grow out into other plants areas, so i used twisty ties to lead them back to their trellis.  i also got some bush beans planted.  But there is alot that needs to be weeded still.  The carrot area is covered with grass for some reason, so you can’t even tell there are carrots there.  And some of the purple pole beans don’t want to climb their poles, so i’ll use twisty ties on them too.  i’m also going to use a fence as a trellis for blue peas along the side of the garden like i did in the back.  These peas are quite young, but they’re still climbing up the string i wound around the poles on the fence.

i haven’t gotten much done today yet either because we just got a badminton set and Kyla and i have been playing all morning.  Bad Lindy!  So i actually need to get to work.  But i did  get a shelving unit painted orange for more storage space in the kitchen.  i have lots of croutons to make for sale at the farmer’s market.  And i also want to make some garlic basil pasta today, but that probably won’t happen until tomorrow.

And there’s work i need to do on the website (if you noticed i took down 2 pages that i’m not pleased with).  And i still haven’t updated the Garden Guide.  Apologies to all the gardeners i’ve let down that have asked for my advice.   i will get the Garden Guide up-to-date promptly.

Also, on a more political note, everyone call your congressperson and tell them to pass  H.CON.RES.107 – a bill that deems the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.  This in effect would bring impeachment down on the Bama for bombing people in other countries without congressional authorization.  Keep in mind, that he wants to bomb Syria next under UN, not US, orders.  You can find your congressperson’s number at  i have my congressman’s phone number on speed dial.

i’m just gunna throw this out there: i love cheese!  So happy gardening!  Back to work…

You can’t go around the world saying, “Do this and we’ll give you money.  If you don’t, we’ll bomb ya.” ~Ron Paul

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