Garlic: 10-17-12

After being gone on a fabulous and very needed vacay, i have much to get done this week.  Hence the not blogging til today.  i’ve been baking and canning, and canning and baking, and gardening and baking and canning…  Oh and making jerky, and canning, and baking and cooking.    But it was worth it.  We had a great time.  Caught a bunch of crabs too.  i’m so making california rolls!

Anyways, so today after more baking (sprouted wheat bread, english muffins, tortillas), i’m gardening.  Garlic.  Specifically soft-necked garlic.  Softneck garlic varieties are the best ones to grow if you live in a milder climate. They don’t form scapes, and generally form several small cloves per head. They mature quicker than hardneck varieties. Softneck varieties tend to store better than hardneck varieties, so this is the type to grow for long-term storage.

i generally pull a clove off of each bulb of garlic and replant it.  i have cinder blocks surrounding on of my gardens that i plant my garlic in.  This serves 2 purposes: 1- garlic can help to repel pests from the garden.  2- garlic takes so long to be ready for harvest, that i don’t want to take up room in the actual bed.  The garlic i planted today is an heirloom variety called Pioneer.  You peel each clove just like you would to cook with, then plant it pointy-side up an inch under the soil.  Then heavily mulch, to protect it for the year or so it will take to harvest.

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