Honeydew Peach Jam?: 9-26-12

We’ll see how it turns out.  i still have a ripe honeydew melon taunting me on my counter.  i haven’t done anything with it because i didn’t want to make just another basic melon jam.  i’m still stocked up on that.  So i think i finally decided after going back and forth between Sangria Honeydew Jam, Honeydew Chili Jam, Honeydew Chutney, Honeydew Lime Jam… None of my ideas really appealed to me, so i’m going with peach!  i’m still not convinced, but at least there are still more melons growing in the garden, so if i muck this up i can try something different soon.  And i may still add some sangria to a bit and see how it tastes.

Yesterday i made a bunch of Spicy Pinot Strawberry Jam and my famous Green Olive Relish.  And  because i also have several pounds of okra and cukes to pickle, i figured i might as well keep the canner out for honeydew.  Hmm, honeydew-cuke jam?  Nah, still stickin’ with peaches.  Oooh!  But what might also be good in it, Grand Marnier.  Alas, i have none.  Definitely will remember that one in the future.

This is supposed to be a very busy Saturday coming up at the farmer’s market for the Front Street Festival.  The street will be closed off and there’s all kinds of things going on out there.  So i need to make extra bread too: Sprouted Wheat, Garlic Onion, Jappy and Beer Breads.  I don’t know what’s going on with the sprouted bread. but it’s HUGE!  Even the sample loaf got crazy big!


And i’m teaching my lovely daughter to make Snickerdoodles, my favorite kind of cookie.  She makes brownies and cookies to sell at the market to pay for the internet on the new Smart Phone she just bought.  Kids and their gadgets…  i’m not paying for that stuff.  My phone is just a phone, it makes calls.  Period.  But i will help her bake the goodies to make the money to pay for it.


So no time for the garden today.  i’ve been gardening here and the other lot this week.  Planting more beets, onions, carrots, winter squash and pumpkins, kale, and i even bought quinoa seeds and sowed them in the front yard.  My Arlington garden is completely infested with mosquitoes for some reason.  i see no standing water, but they literally swarm like mayflies.  At any given moment i have at least 5 squities biting me while hundreds more are hovering.  So after a few minutes of that, i came home to change into long jeans and long sleeved shirt and went back to finish.  Man that’s hot work! Stupid squities!  i really don’t see the point in their existence.

Practical politics consists in ignoring facts. ~Henry Brooks Adams

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