In an Okra Bed: 8-22-12


It’s been so nice out today (so far) that i’ve spent most of the morning in the garden.  i’ve planted an awesome heirloom variety of beets, and black valentine beans (which actually grow green, the seeds are just black).  And i’m planting more kale; can’t get enough of that through the cold season.  i’ll end up having 3 raised beds and 2 in ground crops of kale.  So far all of it is the blue curled kale, but i’m about to get more seeds from Baker Creek.


One of the okra beds that i haven’t paid much attention too needs to be weeded also.  i kinda ignored that crop because random amaranth reseeded itself and overtook the okra.  There hasn’t been much production out of it at all.  At least i had okra planted in 4 different places, so we’ve maintained a steady supply.  But, wow!  it’s kinda difficult getting between the okra and amaranth to remove the unwanted plants.

i’ve been working on an actual Catering Menu for lunch, dinner, appetizers, and buffet.  At this point the only official catering menu i have available is breakfast, even though i cater lunches daily.  The problem i’m running into is pricing, but i’ll figure it out.  And i’ll create a new Organic Catering page on this site after i do.  Besides that, i’ll be making tortillas, English muffins, and canning my awesome Zesty Pickles as well as Okra Pickles.  All of which i do accept silver for (BTW).

“In the US, legal tender laws ONLY apply to debt obligations… there is no law that requires you to spend or accept federal reserve notes. None.”  ~Rob Gray

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