It’s all about the Okra: 5-17-12

Thursday’s are always spent getting everything together for the market on Friday, but i don’t have much to do, as far as that goes.  We’ve pretty much developed a routine and aren’t running around like crazy on Thursdays anymore.

So today i will work on an okra bed.  Okra is fantastic in this area, because it can withstand intense heat and even drought.  Last year i got three crops planted at different times that kept producing into the fall.  Unfortunately, this year i planted most of my okra in the other garden at my dad’s and it didn’t even germinate.  And they were the 3 varieties of red okra that i was really looking forward to.  So i’ll plant some more after i get more seeds.

In the meantime, i need to get an area here prepared for it.  i actually already planted onions along the fence line on the side of the house, but it has gotten completely overtaken by these weeds that have invaded the entire yard.  Crazy.  But i’ll pull it all and compost it.  i really want some Jing Orange Okra to plant there, but i’m having a really hard time finding it.  If anyone has any seeds, i’ll be happy to buy or trade them.  We love our okra!

after weeding along the fence line, only onions left

Kyla wants some sprouted wheat bread.  Fortunately, i already have several cups of hard red wheat that i sprouted a few weeks ago, so she will be grinding it through the food mill into flour today so we can get some bread made.  She wants french toast, but all we have here is jalapeno bread we made on Tuesday.  That would not make a tasty french toast. So we’ll get some bread made, and i also need to whip up more tortillas.  i hate doing tortillas, they’re a pain in th’ patooty

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