Lessons from Pole Beans: 5-21-12

This past weekend at the Farmer’s Market was much batter than the week before.  The weather was nicer so we were pretty busy.  But i sold out of so much stuff, that this is going to be a very busy week restocking inventory.  i can’t make more carrot bread, because my carrots aren’t ready to be harvested yet.  But i may have enough squash to make squash bread instead.  It’s growing great!

We also need to make more jalapeno bread, olive relish, garlic bread, tortillas, croutons, amaranth chips…  i don’t know how much of that i’ll get done today though.  i just finished planting more okra that was soaking over night in water.  it germinates better after a good soak.  And breaking the rules, i planted it in the same place that we grew okra last year.  i know the rules are to rotate annual crops every year, but i’m running out of room and didn’t have anywhere else to put it.  At least i had peas there over the winter, so that should help.  And if it doesn’t reach it’s potential, i still have more growing elsewhere.

After the market on Saturday, we went to my garden plot in Arlington and planted more okra, beets, carrots, and bush beans, as well as some purple tomatillos.  i don’t know how well the tomatillos will do, as i’m not trellising them.  Then we went to Jon and Vanessa’s house and grilled yummy food.  They have a pretty nice garden too, i should have taken a picture.

These are purple pole beans that i planted about 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday i planted some pole beans in a bed of onions that isn’t doing so well.  i’m about to harvest the rest of the beets from the fall garden and make room for more pole beans.  i have seeds for yard-long green pole beans.  i’m very interested to see if they actually grow 3-foot long beans.  Doubt it.  Though last year i did get beans 18″ long, called Red Chinese Noodle Beans.  But i made the mistake of trying to trellis the pole beans instead of using actual poles, and they climbed along the trellis twine horizontally to the supports, then all grew in a big bunch up the support.  So, learning from my mistake, this year i’m using bamboo poles.  And they are doing much better.  Trellises are for peas.

Anyways, i need to get out in the garden now before it gets really hot.

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