Melons! 7-5-12

We have melons!  There’s a few honeydew melons growing in the garden, as well as more cantaloupe and a few varieties of watermelon.  i’m so excited!  i see honeydew jam in the near future.  Good thing the fruit is doing well, because my squash, zukes, and cukes are fading fast due to my worst enemy SQUASH BUGS!  i’m still trying to salvage my dear plants, but those horrid creatures are overwhelming!  So at least i can make jam, because about the only thing left to pickle is okra.

And look at the size of this amaranth!  it’s taller than me.  There’s one plant in the picture behind me that’s already over 6 feet tall.  This year i’m going to put some of the big sturdy amaranth plants in pots before the die  in the fall and try to keep them alive under grow lights indoors.  That would be awesome to have amaranth in year round.

Anyways, so today is all about pears.  i made 6 loaves of pear pistachio bread this morning, and now i have amaretto pear walnut butter in the crockpot, as well as vanilla pear jam on the stove.  They both take a while to make in order to get the flavor infused, and get the pears soft enough to puree.

So while that’s going on, i’m starting another batch of Szechuan Dilly Beans.  i sell out of that quick and right now the beans are prolific.  At least the bush beans are.  My pole beans aren’t doing too hot.  The leaves are turning yellow, and the magnesium i put in the soil is not helping.  i think it’s because of the heat, since the nitrogen boost didn’t help them either.  But the bush beans are doing great, so i need to get them canned and restock the dilly bean inventory.  We just picked about a 5 gallon bucket of green beans yesterday.  i already canned all the green okra harvested.  i’m just going to sell the red and burgundy okra fresh at the market.  Happy Homesteading!

Repeal the 16th amendment! ~Ron Paul

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