Mmm, Spinach!: 1-31-13

tillingToday has been focused on the garden. It’s time to begin prepping for the Spring.  I got a new tiller (thanks Daddy!) light enough for me to use on my own.  And it’s small enough for raised beds and around trees.  So that’s where i’m starting today.  I had bad luck with some raised beds in the front that i planted veggies in for the fall/winter.  Not much germinated and grew besides a bit of kale and some lettuce.  So i tilled and planted kale in a bed that had quinoa. It grows well this time of year and can still be planted.

Also, as spinach grows all year, i planted some in the lettuce bed.  i generally plant more spinach every few months all year long.  And as an experiment, because beans can tolerate cold, and we’re having a mildish winter, i sowed beans from seeds i collected from productive plants i grew last year.  They may not produce much because it is winter, but at the least i can till these nitrogen-fixing legumes back into the bed and they’ll just act as a nitrogen rich cover crop.  But i have hope because i still have peas growing in the garden now, and they need similar environments to beans.

plant cupToday i’m also starting tomatoes indoors.  I got some organic potting soil and already have seeds for orange, red, purple and green tomatoes.  i do them in plastic cups that i’ve drilled holes into the bottom of, because tomatoes need well drained soil.  I’m starting more tomatoes than normal this year, so i can bring plants to the market.  That way people can grow their own organic heirloom tomato plants without buying them from a nursery.  Who knows what kind of chemicals    are used to grow plants sold commercially!

I very much dislike doctrinaire liberals – they want to own your minds. And I don’t like reactionary conservatives. I like to face issues in terms of conditions and not in terms of someone’s inborn political philosophy.

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