More Fall Garden Prepping: 10-3-12

Hasn’t this rain been fantastic!  My garden is loving it and has just exploded with all the goodies we love.  And now that it isn’t quite so muddy, but the soil is still moist, it’s a great time to get some weeding done.  i’ll be going to my other garden in Arlington to clear some space for more fall veggies.  There’s quite a bit that needs to we weeded in order to do some planting.  Gotta get those grass roots outta there!

In the meantime, today i’ve just been baking jappy cheese bread and canning peach salsa.  i just barely had enough onions growing to make the salsa.  Most of my onions are no bigger than a golf ball and there aren’t many left.  But i started more onion sets about a month ago, so i’ll have plenty more onions in a few months.

Yesterday we took a break from the homestead and went to Mainstay farm for a homeschool field trip.  Kyla had a blast!  Then, we spend the evening pretending like we had no electricity.  She loves doing that too.  We shut everything off and light candles, cook over a fire, play board games and camp out in the living room.  It’s good to play like that sometimes in preparation for a real lights-out scenario.

Political history is largely an account of mass violence and of the expenditure of vast resources to cope with mythical fears and hopes ~Murray Edelman

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