More Garden Maintenance: 7-19-12

It really hot out.  But doesn’t seem as bad as last year.  Still, the garden suffers due to the heat, which dries out the plants and evaporates their much needed water.  So today is garden day, at least until it gets scorching out.   i’ve been pulling grass (with the help of my angel) and mulching more.  Mulch is a gardeners best friend.  My peppers, tomatoes and okra really needed it.  The mulch should help the soil keep cooler and retain moisture.
Be conscientious about the plants you start indoors, because if you rely on window light, even if it faces the south east, you’re plants will lean, which is bad news for cruciferous veggies like broccoli.  The plants will end up long and spindly, without the established root growth you want in something to be transplanted.  So, if you can see in the picture, i’ve put i light about 6 inches about the plants, so they won’t have to reach for the sun.  Just make sure you use an appropriate light, or you might burn they little guys.

Also, some of the fall plants that i started indoors are growing too fast and some aren’t germinating at all.  So i’ve repotted the zukes into bigger containers and some of the cukes as well.  And i’ve also transplanted some of them into the garden.  This may be a big mistake, as i know the squash bugs are still out and active, i could loose all the plants i put outside, but maybe by the time they’re big enough to get the vicious, buggy murderers attention, the little buggers will be gone for the season.  We’ll see how this works.  But i’ll still be direct sowing winter squash in a month or so right into the garden.  i’ll update regularly on my failures so you don’t do the same.

Anyways, so we’ve had a busy week of canning, van breaking down (again), internet shutting down (i’m at a frickin Starbucks), creating new products for the market like peach bread and onion jerky, restocking inventory on sold out products like amaranth tortillas, amaranth chips, peach salsa, black olive relish, english muffins…

 i also made a cold fermentation pizza dough this morning and perfected from-scratch alfredo.  The dough takes a day to rise, so we can’t have the pizza til tomorrow.  after kneading you put it in the fridge in ziplock baggies.  You can see how much of the bag the dough takes up now.  Tomorrow the entire baggie will be filled to the point of popping out.  Then you just take the dough out of the fridge an hour beforecooking the pizza.  i’ll try to remember to post a pic tomorrow.

He who eats alone, chokes alone.

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