Multitasking: 6-11-12

It’s going to be another super busy week.  i sold out of all my bread, english muffins, and tortillas completely last weekend.  As well as chicken jerky and amaranth chips.  So right now there is a few loaves of garlic bread and a few batches of english muffins rising.  There’s also jam on the stove thickening so i can can it.  i just finished cutting the seeds out of about 20 pounds of plums, and i’m starting on the jerky now getting it marinating.  Then i need to grate up this massive zuke. That’ll make alot of bread!

No time to garden today.


We had a good weekend at the Libertarian Texas State Convention.  Unfortunately, Scott Jameson didn’t make the cut as our Senate candidate, but John Jay Meyers did, and he’ll do a good job as well.  i met Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate.  As a delegate, i had to sit through meetings and vote on changes to the LP platform.  And there was one super obnoxious lady who was doing everything in her power to halt the progress.  But we succeeded in besting her efforts and got it  accomplished.  Success!

ObamaCare.  Repeal the whole thing. ~Ron Paul


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