Pasta Day: 5-14-12

Howdy Homesteaders!

i know it’s been quite a while since i last posted, but i did not fall off the face of the earth, as it seems some of my friends and readers thought i did.  it’s been crazy busy around here, like it is every year around this time.

some of my cukes

Why is that, you ask?  This is when the garden is transitioned from fall to spring, which is quite a chore when you grow as much as i do.  Plus we’ve expanded the operation to include more land not on my property and added another 2500 square feet of garden.  Plus i added several more raised beds here.  The backyard is litterally pathways through food production.  At this point i’ve just about gotten my gardens settled, so i’m just mainly maintaining them at this point.

Anyways, i do have alot to do today.  Besides maintaining the gardens (which is a full-time job), today i’m making spinach pasta from fresh spinach i dehydrated last week.  i’ve neer made spinach pasta before, but it seems fairly simple.  Using a basic pasta recipe of flour, eggs, salt, water, and oil, you just substitute a few tablespoons of dried spinach flour for the main flour.  i love using my pasta machine!  i made chocolate pasta last week with it.  And a yummy amaretto hazelnut sauce for it.

i also need to start on more olive relish.  i’ve gotten requests for olive relish with black olives too, so i’m branching out in the relish world.  My main staple at the farmer’s market is the green olive relish, and there are literally people that come back every week just for that.

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