Piggies: 2-1-13

wrapping piggiesJust because i’m not a pig eater, doesn’t mean i can’t prepare porkish food.  Today i’m attempting pig in blanket thingies. I’m trying to expand my culinary horizons and learn to do more different foods from scratch beginning with appetizers.  And at my daughter’s request, starting with piggies.  i found nitrate-free, no additive, natural sausage.  After shaping them into mini hot-dog type porkies, pan seared them.

For the “blanket” i started with a normalraw piggies yeast bread dough, but not letting it double in size during the first rise.  Instead, it’s just resting for 15 minutes.  Then it’s kneaded again (thank you, KitchenAid).  Now it’s ready to be rolled out on a floured surface and shaped into rectangles.  I’m fond of semolina flour, so i’ll try rolling it on that, like i do with English muffins.  Kyla wants her piggies cheezy, so i’m adding cheese in the dough wrapped sausages also.
done!They then need to rest again, but unlike real bread, not long enough to rise and double in size.  Bake at 400 for 25 minutes.  They still turned out very fluffy.  They almost look like big dinner rolls.  Maybe don’t let them rest after wrapping them, so the bread will be thinner like normal ones.  So they may be bigger than the average piggie, but Kyla approves.  That’s what counts.


Our Founding Fathers would shudder to see how easily forces outside the mainstream now seem to effortlessly push some Senate leaders toward conduct the American people don’t want from their elected leaders: Abusing power. Inserting the government into our private lives. Injecting religion into debates about public policy. Jumping through hoops to ingratiate themselves to their party’s base, while step by step, day by day, real problems that keep American families up at night fall by the wayside here in Washington.~ John Kerry




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