Put it up! 8-16-12

Today i’m canning.  i just got a few bags of white cukes out of the garden, which will soon be cinnamon pickles.  The first step to an awesome crunchy cinnamon pickle is to let the sliced cukes sit in a bowl of pickling lime and water for a few hours.  This maintains the crunchyness after canning.  So while that’s sitting, i’ll be pickling about 20 pounds of okra.  i feel like i’m always canning okra, because right now the crops are producing more than i can keep up with.

Yay!  it rained again, so i can get more of the garden tilled up for the fall crops.  i just went and picked the remainder of the beets from the spring garden.  i’ll be sowing more beet seeds soon.  And i’ll be making pickled beets today, even though some of them are very small.  The trick with those is to blanch them for a while until the skin easily slides off.  And WEAR GLOVES.  Otherwise your fingers will be pink for days.  And i can use the leaves on the beets in salads .

Anyways, i’ll probably get the remaining radishes harvested too, and get that entire beet/radish area of the garden prepared for the next crops.  i love my hand tiller.  But i need to get deeper with a pitchfork now that i’ve gotten it tilled.  The pitchfork get’s deeper  and allows for better draining soil and more root growth.

In politics I am growing indifferent – I would like it, if I could now return to my planting and books at home. ~Ulysses S. Grant

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