Rainy Day: 8-21-12

Not much going on at the homestead today.  i wanted to get some more stuff in the ground and just spend the day in the garden, but it’s raining.  Not complaining, i love this weather and so does the garden.  So, during breaks from the rain i’ve gone out and planted seeds in the 3 raised beds and the one in ground bed out front: cukes, spaghetti squash, okra and blue curled kale.

i did go out in the rain to pull up some of the amaranth that’s starting to fade.  i remove all the leaves from those plants before they die and dehydrate them to use in tortillas throughout the winter.  Last year i stocked up on dehydrated amaranth and it lasted through the spring, when it started growing again.  And it’s that time again.  When the weather begins to get cooler like this, the amaranth starts withering.  So no more amaranth chips soon.  That’s ok, because when it starts fading, the kale starts growing.

Other than that i’m just doing some light cooking, laundry, getting bills paid…  You know, the normal household chores.  Blah, blah, blah


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