Sowing Seeds: 5-30-12

Most people that i speak to aboutgardening, which is often, seem to think that it is too late in the season to sow seeds.  That is just not true.

foot long watermelon

i understand that Texas in the summer is normally under drought conditions and so hot that many plants can’t survive.  But there are a few veggies that we can still plant now and will grow well with minimal water and extreme temperatures:  Amaranth, Summer Peas, Okra, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Orach.  i’ve heard that you can even plant melons in June in Texas, but i haven’t had success doing that in the past.  But the melons we planted in April are doing great!  We even have Cantaloupes!

In fact i just ordered more seeds and have been in the garden yesterday and all morning today making room for them.  So when they come in the mail, yes, i will be planting veggies in June, and they will produce food.  In fact, you can pretty much sow a new crop of okra every month through September.  That way when one stops producing, the next one planted will be and it extends your growing season that way.  i do the same thing with spinach and legumes as well.

Anyways, today i’ll also be making more pasta.  And i need to make mayo too.  And i’m out of tortillas.  So after the gardening is done, which is when the temperature soars, it’s back to the kitchen.  It’s actually pretty cool out now, so i need to get busy.

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