Still Jammin: 6-14-12

i’m having issues with the watermelon jam this time.  it’s just not setting, even though i’ve added way more pectin than i thought it would need.  So now i’m just letting it boil down to thicken up.  i worked on it yesterday too, but just ended up canning a case of Szechuan Beans and  tried Szechuan Radishes as well.  And of course there’s more jerky to be made.  It’s gross cutting up the chicken and removing the fat, but people seem to really like natural jerky without additives like nitrates.

Today i’ve made more zucchini bread.  Jamie borrowed a hand mixer from his mama so i could get more made.  And i also made several more loaves of sprouted bread and a bunch of garlic basil pasta, which is drying in the dehydrator now.  i still have jerky to seal up and alot more amaranth chips to make.  There’s english muffin dough rising on the counter and i still have more jalapeno garlic bread to make.  But it’s all getting done!

The farmer’s market is tomorrow, and this week i’m actually going to have fresh produce.  There are tons of white cucumbers in the garden, as well as little round lemon cukes.  And we also have red okra.  The tomatoes still aren’t producing enough to sell, we’ve eaten all that have grown so far.  But tomato production generally doesn’t pick up till later in the summer.  Also, the eggplant is only making the pretty purple flowers, but no fruit.  Even though i have tons of squash and zukes, i won’t bring those to market, because there is a produce guy outside, and i don’t want to take business from him selling the same things.  i will just bring things he doesn’t carry, like the purple beans, amaranth, red lettuce, banana peppers and such.  Well, back to work…

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. ~Ayn Rand

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