Stocking Up: 10-4-12

Unfortunately, today, i can do no more weeding at the Arlington Garden.  My vehicle is at the mechanic so i can get it in decent running condition to take my family on vacation next week.  So that means i’m stranded at the homestead today.  Which i’m actually completely fine with.  Because i’ll be gone next week, i have to make everything i would next week and this week by tomorrow.  This also means that i’ll have to get someone to tend my gardens and animals in my absence.  And the okra has to be picked everyday too, it’s huge!

I have been baking and canning all week, when not in the gardens.  Today i’ve made a few dozen English muffins, a new type of beer bread, canned pickles and pickled okra, deboned a chicken, made onion jerky, and prepared the handout for the food preservation class i’m holding at the farmer’s market on Saturday.  I’m again tryong a different type of beer, sticking with the seasonal ales, this one is called Hex, and smells fantastic!

At this point i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that i have a vehicle to take my daughter on a proper vacation before she leaves for 2 months visitation with her father.  There’s always something to overcome at the homestead.  So, chin up, and keep moving!

If you listen to the politicians, you might think we are all terrorists ~Loesje

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