Tabasco Peppers: 12-5-12

I’ve been stringing peppers.  We grew all kinds of peppers this year: pablano, Anaheim, Tabasco, bell, jalapeno, and banana peppers.  The chili peppers didn’t make it.

Most of the peppers i harvest often and use immediately.  Alot of my canned goods have peppers: candied jalapeno’s, jalapeno and pablano bread, salsas, chow chow, green olive relish, and i also stick a pepper in my pickled okra, pickled cukes, pickled beans…  And we also like them grilled with cheese.  Yummers!  Anyways, i don’t have as much daily use for tabasco peppers, so i string them up to dry.  Then they can be crushed into any food that you’d add Tabasco Sauce.

So I harvested all the tabasco peppers that were big enough because the plants are fading due to the cold.  The others i use so much that i never have enough to store.

It’s simple to string the peppers not used immediately in order to preserve over the winter and spring before they can be grown again.  Just thread a needle and poke it through each of the pepper stems and hang them.  Then any time you need the flavor of pepper added to any of your food, just pull on off.  I use a mortar and pestle to crush them and use them as a spice.  But they could also be rehydrated and used whole.

Nothing much else to tell.  Just doing the same thing I do everyday, baking and canning and dehydrating my garden produce.  Nothing new.  Except the fried green tomatoes I made last night.  I’d never had them before, and since the tomato plants are also starting to fade, they aren’t turning red.  It was an interesting taste.  Kinda tart.  But good.  Though i’m not much for fried food, with the cajun seasoning, they weren’t bad.

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