Terrific Tomatoes: 10-24-12

kyla’s feeding peppers

We’ve been feeding our veggies today.  There’s something wrong with a bed of amaranth (that i didn’t plant.  it just appeared out of nowhere).  All the leaves are being eaten, as well as the pumpkin leaves next to them.  So i put some DE where the plants are getting eaten.  And then, as a preventative measure, Molasses around the entire gardens.  It attracts beneficial soil microorganisms naturally. It’s one of the few natural soil additives that isn’t stinky.  So Kyla will even help , because of the lack of smell.

Then on to the amazing tomatoes.  Love tomatoes!  But, because i haven’t weeded since the summer, you could barely see the tomatoes through the grass.  i started these tomatoes from seed indoors in July.  In september i planted them about 4 inches above ground and waited.  They got overtaken by very high grass.  i had tried staking them with long sticks, but to no avail.  The tomatoes, though they are doing well and bearing fruit, grew sideways.

First i have to get rid of the grass, then feed them.  And after i can see the actual plants, help them grow upwards.  So i’m caging the tomatoes to make them grow upright.  Now maybe all the flowers on all the tomato plants will start to bear fruit.  At this point only a few of the plants are.  Whew, it’s hot out!  Laters!

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