Ugh! Squash Bugs: 5-31-12

i’ve had a busy day in the garden so far.  It’s The Attack of the Squash Bugs- Part II.  i had only noticed a few actual bugs recently, but the plants are rapidly deteriorating. The leaves are yellowing and dying.  i had tried putting magnesium into the soil to stop the yellowing of the leaves to no avail.  i’ve also tried using diatomaceous earth around the base of the plants that i’ve seen the few squash bugs.  Didn’t work.  Today, i can see under several leaves the tell-tale red eggs.  They are the bane of my existence.  And really gross!

Anyways, so yesterday, i prepped the beds for planting okra.  i got all the grass pulled and also spread some bone meal to help with their production.  Note:  When it comes to bone meal, make sure you get it from an organic source.  With okra, before planting it also helps to let the seeds soak in water overnight.  So i got okra planted where i had planted carrots earlier this spring, and they just didn’t germinate.  The carrot bed was empty besides grass, so now it’s an okra bed.

i’m attempting to make English Muffins today.  Kyla really likes them.  The first ones i made weren’t too great, but with a little practice, i think the next batches got better.  i miss English Muffins and Bagels.  i won’t buy them from the store, so have just gone without.  i will learn to make bagels next.  i like the everything bagels with cream cheese and will figure out how to make them.  My last attempt was unsuccessful.  They were quite hard.

a few types of peppers and paste tomatoes

So besides my normal, daily cooking of meals, laundry, cleaning, catering, and homeschooling, today i just need to clean out my van and get it packed for the farmer’s market tomorrow.  i pruned the deadish bits on my hanging plants.  i also got some spinach planted in a raised bed out front that is presently growing red lettuce.  They should do well together.  Oh yes, and i must make more business cards and flyers.  At least it’s not brutally hot, as we’ve had a few days of rain, along with amazing lightening shows and booming thunder.  Pretty cool.  And hopefully i’ll actually be able to get pasta done too.  i keep planning on doing it, but run out of time.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that i want to.

I’ll be the first president to repeal 40,000 laws. ~Ron Paul

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